iPhone Extravaganza

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Technology has taken over our world in extraordinary ways, from the latest augmented reality features on Snapchat, to the latest hardware updates on the newest iPhone. Apple has always been known for making products that issue the latest features and software, and this year it seems like they did just that.

Augmented Reality Feature on Snapchat

In September of 2017, Apple announced in a keynote the release of the iPhone 8 and X as long as the Mac Pro and the Apple Watch Series 3, and these were just some of the announcements. Some people anticipated the arrival of the iPhone X and others decided to go ahead and indulge on the one that would be available sooner.

Apple Keynote, 2017









At Rangel, many people have already purchased the iPhone 8 and they love it. They report it is a huge update from their last phone. Guadalupe Roman from 10th grade said, ” I had an iPhone 5s so then this was a huge upgrade and I think that that’s why I like it. My camera quality is way better and battery life is AMAZING!” Joanna Marquez, 11th grade can say the same as well. She says, “I like my phone a lot. The camera is way better and it’s just a really pretty phone. It’s definitely an upgrade because I used to have an LG so…” The reviews are crystal clear on the phone: everyone who has one loves it.

iPhone 8 Camera Quality, photo was taken by Guadalupe Roman


The student body also seems to steer in the same direction when it comes to recommendations. Juliza Vidales, 11th grade says, “Yes I would because I enjoy it. It’s new and not as costly as I thought it was going to be, considering it just came out.” The phone costs $864.62. Guadalupe Roman, 10th grade, and Briana Maciel, 8th grade would also recommend it.
When it comes to students who don’t have an iPhone 8, they all seem to have differing opinions on the subject of whether they should splurge on the new phone or not. Audrey Jacobson from 8th grade says, “I wouldn’t get the 8. It’s a nice phone, but the glass backing is unnecessary.” Zoe Lopez, 9th grade, says, “I’d rather get an iPhone X because it has better features.”

Despite the differing opinions, we can all agree on one thing: technology is advancing faster than we can keep up. With two phones being released the same year, it has made it harder for people to decide which one to buy. Especially when it comes to the price. As for the girls of Rangel, all those who have iPhone 8 love it and they appreciate it’s new qualities.

You can purchase the iPhone 8 at your nearest Apple store. As for the iPhone X, you might have to wait until it is restocked, but it will be available in stores as of November 3rd.

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iPhone Extravaganza