Water Bottle Ban Who?

Andrea Mendoza, Submission Editor

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Here are some water bottles brought to school after the  water bottle ban was introduced.

There has recently been a water bottle ban introduced at our school based on a situation caused by one student. The day that the administration introduced it, lots of girls complained because they said that they would be dehydrated. Our administration argues that it is imperative that the ban is implemented because it helps keeps us safe, but they are not clear on the rules or what it should look like. For this reason, lots of girls still bring a water bottle to school and don’t follow the ban.

I conducted a survey to random girls at school about whether they bring a water bottle to school or not and about 69% answered yes. When asked about why they ignored the water bottle ban, one student answered, “I think that water is necessary in my daily life, I drink at least four bottles a day and it helps keep in my skin clear, so I will keep bringing my water bottle as long as I can.” Some girls even bring notes from their physicians that say that they can bring a water bottle to school. Based on answers and arguments for girls who still bring their water bottle, I believe that the water bottle ban should be lifted because it is an unfair ban. The whole student body should not be punished for one student’s actions and be deprived of the water they need on a daily basis.

Many girls understand the administration’s point of view, but still disagree on the action that was taken. The banning of the use of any water bottles, with the exception

This is a note brought by a student that allows her to bring a water bottle.

of lunch time, isn’t necessarily bad, but it is difficult for some girls to suddenly stop carrying around a bottle which they have gotten used to. There is so much water each person should consume per day and attending school for 8 hours makes girls drink throughout school time. There is really no way to use the water fountain at school since they aren’t allowed to walk out of class every time they want to drink some water.


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Water Bottle Ban Who?