Wanted: Sexual Predator in Deep Ellum

Cynthia Gonzalez, Contributor

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This is surveillance footage of suspect.

Dallas Police have been searching for a man who is wanted for assaulting two women in Deep Ellum early Saturday. It is thought that he met one of suspects and then attacked another shortly, as she walked home. Surveillance cameras could capture a glimpse of the man walking the victim at around 2 a.m. The woman was comfortable enough to accept a ride home and was attacked afterwards. “He befriended her, gave her a false sense of security, was nice to her, gave her a ride home and that’s when the attack occurred,” said DPD Deputy Chief Thomas Castro. “We need to

Image of the suspect’s vehicle released by Dallas Police

get this individual off the streets.” The woman, according to the police, jumped out of the moving car as he supposedly drove her home. She then managed to get help at a nearby business. Police say the second victim was in Deep Ellum walking back into downtown just before 3 a.m. She was speaking on the phone with her boyfriend when she was attacked. Her partner was nearby and managed to help her. He began to fight with the suspect but failed to capture him as he ran away. People from Deep Ellum say they try to stay aware at night and frequently make sure they all get home safely. Police are hopeful that someone knows something, recognizes the suspect or saw the woman jump from his vehicle near Mockingbird and Central Expressway. As of now the victim has neither been captured or identified therefore police ask others to stay safe and be careful, especially when walking alone.

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Wanted: Sexual Predator in Deep Ellum