Soccer at Rangel

Elizabeth Flores, Contributor

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Club Day is one of the school’s newest advisory segments, every first Thursday of the month. Club Day consists of 90 minutes dedicated to a student’s interest. One of those clubs is Soccer. It was thrilling to hear about after years of not having soccer as a sport at Rangel. Thanks to Mr. Mizeur and Ms. Clarke, soccer is now being coached during Club day. With all spots filled, soccer had great interest. Bringing in athletics was of major interest because sports are not as prevalent at Rangel as they are in comprehensive schools.

“I enjoyed playing soccer because it helps me release stress and have fun. I really want there to be a real soccer team outside of Club Day so we can play other schools.” Jacqueline Hernandez (11)

“I really liked playing soccer. It helped me calm down and rest, all while having fun at the same time. I hope this Club becomes an after-school team. It would be really fun and exciting.” Marilyn Tovar (11)

Most girls feel that playing soccer is a big stress-reliever and a time to distract the mind and have fun. Getting away from academics and relaxing their mind helps students reduce their stress level by getting some exercise.  Especially if girls are getting some exercise with their friends, they’re bound to have a little bit of fun. Soccer is a passion for some girls in the club. Many have voiced that they hope for a school soccer team because our school is mainly only recognized for our academic performance and some extra-curricular activities like LULAC, but not athletics. The school has showed an interest for more sports teams: We want more than academics at Rangel, we want athletics.

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Soccer at Rangel