Rangel News: 2017 National Blue Ribbon

Maria Lopez, Contributor

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On Thursday, September 28th 2017, Irma Rangel was named one of the 2017 National Blue Ribbon Schools by the United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. In November, Irma Rangel, along with two other winning schools will be recognized at the award ceremony in Washington D.C.

“This incredible honor helps to validate our students’ extraordinary work, dedication, and commitment to excellence and reaffirms our mission to prepare young women for leadership in a global society.” said Lisa Curry, principal at Rangel.

The theme for this year’s awards is Preparing strong leaders to impact the world   The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program believe that Rangel exists to nurture young women in leadership roles in a global society, through a community dedicated to rigorous educational and cultural experiences.Schools were nominated for their exemplary and high performing abilities measured by the state assessments and it’s economically disadvantaged population of 22 percent or greater. Each of the DISD campuses will be awarded due to the hard work of their students, teachers, staff and community.

The reason Rangel has made it is because of the way students, staff, parents and the community work together for the school’s success. Teachers and students have found creative ways to promote equality in their community through different clubs and programs to generate empathy and passion in the students to work to embody the concept of the school creed:

I believe in the beauty of my dreams.
I believe  hard work and resilience are the
the pathways to success.
I believe in the pursuit of excellence.
I believe I am my sister’s keeper
I believe I am a leader and I can make a
difference in my community and the world.
I believe in living a healthy and safe lifestyle.
I believe in myself.
Girls Today, Women Tomorrow, Leaders Forever


Sources: Hub, The. “Three Dallas ISD Schools Net 2017 Blue Ribbon Award.” The Hub, The Hub, 3 Oct. 2017

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Rangel News: 2017 National Blue Ribbon