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Reasons Why to watch ’13 Reasons Why’

Marissa Galicia, Managing Editor

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Recently, most teenagers have been raging about the new Netflix show ’13 Reasons Why.’ The show is based off of a book, which was published in 2007.  The new show was released on March 31, 2017.

Some of the cast members

Hannah Baker is the narrator and one of the main characters.  The show is based off of her suicide.  Clay Jensen, a boy who used to

Hannah Baker

have a crush on Hannah, finds tapes on his porch after school one day.  He begins listening to the tapes and realizes that each tape is a story, or “reason” of why she died.  Because Clay received the box of tapes, that means HE is one of the reasons of why she decided to commit suicide.

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and started watching it a few days after it was released.  At the begImage result for 13 reasons why showinning, the show was pretty slow.  However, once I got to the 4th episode, things started getting good.  I think the show has been so successful because it is extremely realistic. It portrays what people actually go through on a regular basis.  The use of curse words and the bullying are all factors that made the show great because they are not glossed over. “I like “13 Reasons Why” because it allows viewers to think about how to treat other people and what other people are going through” (Ashton 9).

“I think people should watch the show because it shows that you don’t know what people are going through so you should be careful with what you say” (Valeria 9)



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Reasons Why to watch ’13 Reasons Why’