“Get Out”: The movie that opened the eyes of the black community

April 18, 2017

“Get Out” took the world by storm when it was released on February 24, 2017. The movie opened with a young black man by the name of Chris (played by Daniel Kaluuya) getting ready to meet his girlfriend Rose’s(Allison Williams) parents who all happen to be white. After calling his best friend for advice, he dismisses the advice completely and goes to meet the girlfriend’s parents anyway. Upon their arrival, the parents begin to act weird and announce a family gathering that Rose doesn’t seem to be aware of until they got there. Rose’s parents begin to say things like “If I could I would’ve voted Obama in another term.” in order to make Chris feel comfortable which obviously has the opposite effect.  When the family members arrive they also ask blatantly racist questions along the line of “Can you play golf like Tiger Woods?”, one asks Rose “Is it actually better in bed?” while accompanying her seemingly dying husband, and the only Asian man there asks Chris “Is the black experience actually worse?”

These questions make Chris extremely uncomfortable and he decides to go to the punch table where he greets another black man by the name of Logan King. Chris feels relieved until he actually hears him speak, his demeanor startles him. Chris calls his best friend and tells him that the guy looks familiar. When his best friend asks for a picture, Chris tries to take one stealthily which results in a mental breakdown from Logan. The movie goes downhill from there.

Chris in the sunken place|via youtube.com

The movie was written in the early part of former president, Barack Obama’s term to let the world know that racism was not over. When Obama was first elected, you were deemed ridiculous if you talked about race because we finally had a black man in office. How much more progressive could we have gotten? The movie was written by the director, Jordan Peele’s, own experiences. The party scene in the movie was inspired by a dream he had where he went to a bank filled with white people that were working casually until he walked in. Once he reached the elevator there was a dead silence and when he went back to see what happened all eyes were on him. He had actually started a dating a white woman during the production of the movie which raised a few brows because of the whole plot of the movie.

Director, Jordan Peele, and fan art for the movie| via comingsoon.net


The movie brought awareness to many viewpoints of the black community which were tragically true. Many members of the black community feel uncomfortable in a room full of white people no matter where they were raised. The words that white people say that they think may be comforting, makes them more uncomfortable than ever. Telling us are really good at basketball and you listen to Drake is the equivalent to a toddler babbling on about nonsense you don’t care about. We listen just so we don’t come off rude. It also brings up a more serious topic; organ trafficking. According to CBS, as far back as 2013, a boy by the name of Kendrick Johnson was found at a school in a rolled up gym mat with all of his organs replaced with newspaper. Media is still trying to claim the incident as a freak accident and according to New York Daily News, the parents of the victim may have to pay nearly $1 million in legal fees.

The black community is fairly proud of the success of the movie. Although it was made on a 4.6  million dollar budget, the movie made 34 million in its opening weekend. Its worldwide gross is 156 million and growing. If you asked any older people they would tell you that the brainwashing of the black community into self-hate while simultaneously wanting their features has been going on for decades.

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