Super Bowl LI Going Down in History: Falcons vs Patriots

February 14, 2017

On February 5, 2017 the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots went head to head at the NRG Stadium located in Houston, Texas. This anticipated night started off with the Falcons leading, but it ended in a Patriot victory. In the first quarter both the Falcons and Patriots finished with 0-0 points.

During the second quarter Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan, made a pass to the wide receiver Julio Jones. The ball then ended up in Devonta Freeman’s hands who scored the first touchdown of the night. After this play the Falcons led 7-0. Throughout the whole game many people on social media went off about how well the Falcons defense was playing tonight. Later on in the second quarter the Falcons scored again, so they gained a 14-0 lead against the Patriots. Still during this quarter Robert Alford scored yet another touchdown that gave Atlanta a 21-0 lead. Stephen Gostkowski made a 41-yard field goal that made a total of three points for his team.

When the second quarter finally came to an end, it was finally halftime and Lady Gaga amazed the crowd with her performance. She started off her performance by being on the roof of the stadium singing a patriotic melody. Afterwards, she came down to the actual stage where she started singing Poker Face, which was then followed by Born This Way. Then Gaga sung Telephone, Just Dance, Million Reasons and ended with Bad Romance. Her performance was filled with a lot of lights, fog, effects and genuinely amazing choreography. Something that really stood out from her performance was the connection that she had with the audience, meaning that there were some parts of her performance when she reached out to the fans. There were also parts when the audience on the field had lights that all moved like one contribution to her performance.

Then the third quarter started up and Falcon running back, Tevin Coleman scored yet another touchdown giving his team a twenty-five point advantage over the Patriots. At this point in the game Atlanta led 28-3, but later on in the same quarter the Patriots made a touchdown, but missed the field goal that went with it, leaving them at 28-9.      

At last the final quarter the Patriots started strong by gaining up a tad to the Falcons (28-12) after that things in the game changed up a bit. Atlanta’s defense was not as good as when the game started and the Patriots little by little started to get closer to them. Out of nowhere the game became 28-20 with the Patriots scoring a touchdown and a two point conversion. Sometime during this quarter as well the Patriots scored yet another touchdown that ended up tying the game 28-28 when Atlanta had a 25 point lead. After the end of this quarter something that had never happened in Super Bowl history occurred: they had to extend the game to overtime. The first team to score during overtime would  receive the title of Super Bowl champions. During the overtime period the Patriots scored, which ended the game as a Patriot victory (34-28). The head coach, Bill Belichick stated: “Tonight is really about our team. It is not about some record or something like that. It is about what our team accomplished. They deserve to be champions. They earned it tonight.”

After the game Matt Ryan stated “Obviously I’m very disappointed,” Super Bowl LI ended up being a game filled with surprises that ended up with the Patriots taking the win. The Falcons played very well throughout most of the game and so did the Patriots. Some Rangelians had different views as well when it came to who they thought was going to win. Nayeli Velasquez (9) said “I really thought the Falcons were going to win at first.” It was a well played game, that went down in history… So Rangelians, what team did you root for during the Super Bowl?

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