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Guide to Veganism

Persephone Hernandez, Reporter

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If you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle, veganism is the way to go. It involves restraining from eating any animal products, including preventing the use of makeup that has been tested on animals. This may be challenging but there’s always alternatives to your favorite food like cheese, butter, and even chicken.


In order to save a trip to the hospital, you need to take vitamins daily. This is very crucial since you’re not getting nutrients from meat or milk. They can provide you with zinc, calcium, and iodine, and I recommend getting B12 supplements.

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Vegan cheese is composed of tapioca flour, natural enzymes, vegetable glycerin, assorted bacterial cultures, arrowroot, and even pea protein. It doesn’t contain the same flavor, or zest, as regular cheese, but many vegans claim it’s just as tasty. It’s important to know that “Vegan” doesn’t always mean “healthy” since the cheese needs to be heavily processed in order to get the correct texture, as is the same with “gluten-free.”


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Guide to Veganism