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Climate Change: Is it man-made or natural?

Persephone Hernandez, Reporter

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For centuries upon centuries, the Earth has been heating up at a unnatural rate, but only recently have humans been noticing the sudden spike in temperatures all around the world. This has called the attention of everyone.  Contrary to popular belief, the real question lies along the lines of whether globing warming is man-made or not?

Image result for earth global warming

A metaphorical representation of global warming

We can all agree that the temperatures are fluctuating. Just in the past years, ice sheets have been shrinking, the ocean has been warming, and the sea level has been rising. Greenhouse gases could be a contributing factor. Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide act as a blanket over the earth, trapping in heat. The earth’s land absorbs this heat and releases it into the atmosphere when the sun goes down, causing it to fester in the air for a long period of time.

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, humans don’t even realize the amount of gas they produce in a day. Thirty percent of US greenhouse gases stem from electricity. Around the world, heat waves are expected to become more common and deadly. Weather patterns, snow and ice, and plants are soon to be compromised. On the other hand, natures produces more CO2 than man. Also, polar bears seem to be thriving in their risky environment.

“I think it’s not man-made, but humans are speeding it up,” (Izzie Kirby 10th)  says on the subject of climate change and I personally agree. It’s no surprise that nature itself produces so much gas.

Pie chart- Major Greenhouse Gases from People's Activities

Each slice is the percent of that gas that could be contributing to the heating of the earth atmosphere.

Logically, people themselves cannot be to blame entirely for the heating of the earth atmosphere, since it’s been happening since the beginning of time. The statistics say it all.

But with every claim, there’s a conspiracy theory. Many believe that all the information given out to the public is fake. Climate change has also been called the “greatest scam in history” by John Coleman, a person who worked directly with The Weather Channel. This is all just a thought, since these claims have yet to be proven.

Honestly, I believe climate change is a natural process, but there’s things humans can do to prevent it from occurring at such a rapid rate.



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Climate Change: Is it man-made or natural?