Ed Sheeran is back!

February 14, 2017

At the start of the new year, the world went wild when Ed Sheeran came out with new music a couple days into 2017. He released two songs: “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” on January 6, 2017. Both singles immediately got their spots at the top of the charts. When the songs became chart-toppers, he became the first person to ever have two songs in the top 10 chart right after they came out. He finally made a comeback after a long hiatus and he has taken the music industry by storm. His new album is called Divide and it will come out March 3, 2017 featuring these two tracks.

Castle on the Hill is a very up-beat and meaningful song that makes people want to jam out and simply think about how time passes by so quickly. The song was beautifully written, and it contains deep meaningful lyrics for his fans to listen to. Shape of You is more of a slow song, with a loving, more affectionate feeling.

A while ago Ed started to give out multiple hints that he might release new music via Twitter. Especially by changing his profile picture to a solid blue one the same shade of blue as his new album cover. At times he would also even quote some lyrics from either one of these songs but the fans were not aware of it at the time.  

It was obvious from the minute these songs came out that they were going to be big hits, but now everyone is wondering what the rest of his album will be like as well. He never fails to amaze us with his magnificent music and empowering lyrics. Not only do fans all over the world loved the singers new music, so do many of our fellow Rangelians! Nayeli Velasquez (9) stated “I love Castle on the Hill whenever I listened to the song I imagined like I was there like I really like that the song has a story behind it that coincides with the music video.” Another Rangel student, Ana Graciano (9) said “I feel that Castle on the Hill gives you a feeling of being home and makes you go down memory lane for the little while you listen to it. It adds a sense of happiness that makes you remember all of the good times from your past.” Lastly, we have the opinion of Dara Alvarez (9) who said ” Thy’re really good and I feel like he puts emotion into his music making it sound like a nice story.”

As you can see many of us girls at Rangel are huge Ed Sheeran songs that cannot wait till his new album drops!

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