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Rangel’s Locker Room

Marissa Galicia, Managing Editor

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Although there are not many sports at Irma Rangel, there are a few.  The sport teams we have this year are lacrosse and softball.  Both teams are full of committed and strong girls.

The head coach at OAKFIT.

This year, to prepare the high school lacrosse players’ for the spring season, Bridge Lacrosse, the program that runs the team, has partnered with OAKFIT.  OAKFIT is a sports and fitness facility in West Dallas and will prepare the players physically and mentally for the season.  Last Saturday, the high school lacrosse team worked on lifting and endurance.  The skills they are learning at OAKFIT will help them to be faster and stronger for the season.

So far, the students have enjoyed the experience and have learned how to increase their forms to be ready to play.  Kaylee, a 10th grader says, “Exercise does not mean someone wants to be skinny, instead, it means one wishes to be fit. Exercise brings so many benefits, many including, relaxation, happiness, and the absence of real life problems, something most people lack.”

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Rangel’s Locker Room