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The Talent Show

Daniela Ocampo, Reporter

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In the 2016 Talent show, which was held on November 28 at Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, there were three seventh grade hosts and a senior host. There were contestants from multiple grades this year including a sixth grade piano player, who won 3rd place, Maria Cruz(12) and Crystal Vargas(12)who placed first, and Beatrice Okyere(9) who placed 2nd.

Maria Cruz and Crystal Vargas performed a routine. Maria and Crystal are part of a drill team named the Sunset Bisonettes, they perform at football games, some basketball games, and parades such as the Cinco de Mayo parade.

“My friend Crystal and I started to work on the routine about a month before the talent show because we knew it would come up soon and we just wanted to be able to perform it in front of our friends. I got into dance when I was about 10 years old because my sister was taking singing and dancing lessons at a studio, and the teacher asked me to join one of her classes, and from there I realized that I loved dancing” said Maria.

“I honestly don’t think I had ever been so nervous to perform in front of an audience even though I’ve performed at football games and even by myself. I guess actually realizing that you know most of the audience and that you are bound to see them again in the futures made it very scary. The best feeling is at the end when you hear the audience cheer as you’re trying to catch you breath,” replied Crystal after being asked how it felt performing on stage.

“When they started announcing the winners, Crystal and I looked at each other realizing that the talent show was a competition, when we signed up we did it simply because we wanted to do what we love and present ourselves to the other students. When they announced that we won first place, it was such a great feeling to be recognized for something you love to do,” responded Maria after being asked how it felt to be 1st place winner.

Maria Cruz and Crystal Vargas after the Talent Show

Maria Cruz and Crystal Vargas after the Talent Show

The Sunset Bsonettes getting ready to perform.

The Sunset Bisonettes getting ready to perform.

Like mentioned earlier, we had many different performers this year. We had a few brave sixth graders, one who played the piano and one or two others that sung, and a group of sixth graders who did a gymnastics routine. We also had a couple of seventh and eighth graders who also sung.

The 2016 Talent Show was very diverse, only due to the fact that there were contestants from different grade levels, unlike last year’s Talent show who mostly had senior contestants. Yet, at the same time, when watching it, it seemed like it was the same act over and over, because of the many singers. 

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The Talent Show