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Improvements we’d like to see

Persephone Hernandez and Taylor Putnam

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Students learning lesson in library rather than immersing themselves in study

As reasonable as Rangel is, there are moments where the students feel as though there should be some changes. For example, no one can deny the freezing temperatures that students have to endure in an average school day. The only permitted school sweaters provide little to no warmth. The students should be allowed to wear thicker jackets during the winter months, such as the Rangel hoodies, or dark, solid-colored jackets. Recently, there has also been a ban on blankets. This has been an issue because students had been trying to bend the rules just to simply stop themselves from freezing in the classrooms. With the cold temperatures, it’s no wonder why Rangelians are becoming desperate.

In addition to the temperature, the line before lunch has also been causing many problems. The teacher on lunch duty always has a hard time getting everyone to settle down, checking ID badges, and getting everyone into one line. The amount of time this takes “reduces the amount of time one has to eat [usually by about ten minutes] which is kinda against the rules.” said Angie Ramos (10).

New tables

New tables but small cafeteria

Let’s not forget the extra space on the patio that could be used as a place to hang out during lunch. After waiting in two longs lines, as explained before, just to acquire food, no one would want to sit in a much too crowded cafeteria in hopes of relaxing. Even though Texas is currently in the winter months, feeling a breath of fresh air during lunch would not hurt every once and a while. This could reduce stress and honestly “air is nice,” commented Alexxia Herrera (10).

Lastly, advisory time is crucial. In recent years, the majority of the time in Advisory was spent studying and working on homework. Most people appreciate being able to have study hall rather than lessons relating to topics that waste precious time. While we do appreciate the activities that Ms. O’ Connor organizes, there is still room for improvement. The administration should “allow students to spend half of advisory in study hall and, if necessary, spend the last half doing mandatory meetings or events” (Izzie Kirby 10).


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Improvements we’d like to see