Grey’s Anatomy has Rangelians hooked

November 29, 2016

Grey’s Anatomy, season 13, premiered on September 22, 2016. The talk around the hallways of Irma Lerma Rangel is what has been happening on Grey’s Anatomy. The first episode of Grey’s Anatomy aired in early March of 2005. The show focuses on the life of a group of doctors, starting with some who met as interns. The show is named after Meredith Grey, who is daughter of world-famous surgeon, she interns at a Seattle hospital whose chief of surgery had an affair with Meredith’s mother. The show follows her life with fellow surgeons and her relationships with guys and eventually children.

” Grey’s Anatomy has been a part of my life since i was 10 years old. Me and my aunt would enjoy our time together watching the show. I grew up watching Grey’s Anatomy and I have re-watched all seasons about 5 times. Season 12 left off on a very dramatic cliff hanger. As season 13 begins I can’t wait to find out if April and Jackson get back together. I am rooting for them. I also cannot wait to see what new medical cases come in. i mostly watch Grey’s

Elizabeth Sanders

Elizabeth Sanders

Anatomy for its medical content than its drama,” said Citlalli Lopez (10).

“I really like Grey’s Anatomy,” said Elizabeth Sanders(12).

“I think Grey’s Anatomy is really depressing, but there is a lot of good music. The show is

Maya Budhrani

Maya Budhrani

really intense and i can connect to the characters,” said Maya Budhrani (9).

Students at Rangel receive tons of homework every day and most need something fun to do to forget about their stressful classes. Most turn to social media, or more commonly Netflix and other TV shows airing on live television.

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