Rangel, take it or leave it?

Sophomores and Seniors during Traditions Week 2017

Sophomores and Seniors during Traditions Week 2017

Sophomores and Seniors during Traditions Week 2017

Guadalupe Roman, Submission Editor

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It’s that time of year again,  Magnet school application process began December. It seems as if just yesterday my mom was running around trying to get my report card and information together so that I could sit in a room and take a test.

I heard about Rangel from my elementary school orchestra teacher, who told me under no circumstances could I go to my home middle school. The only thing I could hear, out of that entire conversation, was “It’s an all-girls school.” I remember laughing saying I would never go because it was dumb. Five years later, I could not be more proud to call Rangel my school.

Along the way, I did doubt why I was here in the first place, and I even tried getting out twice, now I realize that my potential would not be explored anywhere else, the way it has been at Rangel. Like me, most girls found out about this tiny school because of teachers who cared about them in their elementary schools. It’s a bit crazy when people, who one barely knows, tell us that we must leave the friends we have known since childhood in order to pursue the rest of our lives.

I am writing this article for those who are either thinking of applying to Rangel or leaving Rangel. I will try to be as objective and as informational as possible, but it may be a bit bias. It may get a little lengthy but it’ll be worth the read.

Number 1

Why have people applied to Rangel?

Girls at Rangel were most likely the ones who got all of the trophies in their elementary school award ceremonies. They were also the ones who finished their work before everyone else and seemed to only get hundreds. They wanted a challenge, and they found it.

“I decided to apply to Rangel because it seemed really cool and challenging and I wanted to go somewhere where I was being challenged.” (Erin Medina, 9th grade)

“I applied because I wanted to challenge myself academically and I needed a school that was nearby. I did not care that Rangel is an all girl school since I just didn’t want to be bored intellectually.” (Amy Phan, 12th grade)

Number 2


Taken by Guadalupe Roman

Am I smart enough?


“Being smart enough” is not what Rangel is about. Rangel is about putting in the effort and accepting the challenges that go one’s way. It’s about wanting something and going after it because that is the only way to ever get anywhere. Being smart enough will never be enough, what’s really important is working as hard as we can to show people who we are and what we stand for.

Number 3

Why do I want so much stress?

It’s so much easier to go to one’s home high school or middle school, why deal with the stress? The only answer to this question is that it teaches us how to persevere. Rangel does stress us out, but it is the stress we want to have in our lives. Unless it is interfering with one’s health, this stress makes us work harder and makes us appreciate our accomplishments that much more. This stress teaches us to be the best we can be and to not give up. Later in life when the bills of our houses are expensive and work is hard, will we just quit because it’s stressful?

“If you’re not up for the work, don’t come to Rangel” (Mildred Olivares, 11th grade)

Number 4

Does Rangel really help with college as much as they claim?

At any school, those who work hard and have a passion for what they want will have what they want. Those girls will have the opportunities that they seek for. It’s not like if one does not go to Rangel then one will never go to college. But Rangel has the only full-time college advisor in Dallas ISD, thanks to the Young Women’s Preparatory Network. It is not about Rangel handing students anything. Its that Rangel has resources that no other school in Dallas ISD has that makes Rangel brag about college so much. Just because one student gets a full ride, does not guarantee that everyone will get a full ride. That is based on student’s individual hard work and perseverance.

“Rangel has all of the resources that are needed to ease the way to college. However, applying is an individual incentive that no one can sit and hold your hand to do. Being at Rangel trains you to be ambitious enough  to tackle the applications and get to where you want to be.” (Amy Phan, 12th grade)

“Rangel really does help you with college applications. Having an advisor really helps clear any questions that you have and it gives you a sense of relief to have someone who knows what they are doing reviewing your application and essay. It’s also helpful that we build a relationship with the advisor who helps you pick the right school.” (Vanessa Sarmiento, 12th grade)

Number 5

How do I know that Rangel is the school for me?


  • I like finding new ways to think
  • I like challenges
  • I like understanding about world problems
  • I do not want to be set on one educational path
  • I am a first generation student
  • I am passionate
  • I like learning
  • I want to present myself in a professional manner
  • I want to go to college
Number 6

What are some things Rangel does not have?

Rangel does not have very many sports and many students want them. Although students do have the ability to join their homeschool sports teams, it is not Rangel’s team. Rangel is a magnet school, so we may not have an official sports team within Dallas ISD and it is often a hassle for students to pursue these extracurricular activities.

*We do have a lacrosse team

“I have to run track & field at my home high school and it’s really inconvenient for me to go to practice right after school when it’s like 20 minutes away.” (Karen Chavez, 10th grade)

“I would enjoy if Rangel had more school spirit which I think would be helped through a stronger sports section. Sports would also help with the stress a Rangel student has.” (Amy Phan, 12th grade)

Number 7

Why should I apply/stay?

It is a small school where everyone knows everyone. We can have help from anybody we ask, even if we don’t know them. We know the teachers on a personal level, and we know they truly care about us. The girl’s in our grade and even other grades become family and we know we can always count on them. Even if we are stressed they are there with us and don’t let us be alone, and the hard work pays off. Rangel makes sure that if we put in the work, they put the tools to make us be successful.

“Students should apply if they have an interest in academics and being part of a community that allows the care of a teacher to be respected and allowed to nurture students to better grades. Rangel is a busy school with busy people and a self-driven force of a freight train. Anyone who is not willing to put in effort or cannot keep up in their most slacked demeanor should seriously consider a different school.” (Amy Phan, 12th grade)


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