A Peek at “The Star”

Cover page of the movie

Cover page of the movie



Cover page of the movie

Nohemi Torres, Reporter

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@ladder-day saints magazine 2017 
The worship of Jesus’ Birth by everyone.

This movie has some religious aspects to it but overall it is about a donkey who is determined to succeed in life and not just be a mill donkey all his life. Throughout the movie, the obstacles the donkey faces are shown to demonstrate how this doesn’t stop Bo from achieving his goal. Surprisingly, on his way to success, Bo is accidentally made a hero.

The Star is emphasized on Christian beliefs. It is a great way to teach children about how Jesus was born on the journey of Joseph and Mary’s pregnancy is shown throughout the movie. Also, in the movie, there are lots of adventurous events that occur and this captures the viewer’s attention at all times. At the end of the movie, there is the moral left behind.  I interpreted it as never giving up until one succeeds one’s dreams and this moral highly influences children to chase their dreams and to never give up. No matter how the moral may be interpreted, children get a powerful message from this movie that strongly influences them. Furthermore, the quality and characters in the movie are pretty well illustrated, satisfying the viewer.

Not all the religious events are accurately portrayed, yet, the message still gets across to the public. One thing that I disliked about the movie was that Joseph and Mary never realize all the things that the animals go through just so that they can give birth to Jesus. I am positive that the movie would’ve been way better if in the end Joseph and Mary would’ve realized all the struggles that Bo and his friends went through. Another thing about the movie is that it only focuses towards one group of audience, Christians. This excludes other people from different religions to watch it, therefore it causes the movie to lose the audience.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie but it wasn’t the best I’ve seen. I recommend this movie for children to watch but not for adults because the movie appeals to kid’s imaginations and if an adult watches it the feeling isn’t the same as of a kid who watches it.

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A Peek at “The Star”