Class of 2018 vs 2019

Nohemi Torres, Reporter

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Yvonne Taylor
Clipart by Ivonne Taylor

The upper class-men have been really busy this month working on cheers, powder puff, and homecoming. Every year, the week before Thanksgiving break, the school hosts Traditions Week as opposed to homecoming week. It is called Traditions week because the school doesn’t have a football team so instead, the girls from Rangel play Powder Puff.  In powder puff, the seniors compete against the juniors. This game is similar to football but it isn’t as aggressive as football.

In this game, a teacher is responsible for coaching each grade level. This year Mr. Aronhalt is coaching the juniors and the seniors are being coached by Mr. Dillahey. Both seniors and juniors practice during and after school. The juniors practice on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and sometimes on the weekends. This year both classes have agreed to talk everything out so that therefore no drama escalates to how it was last year. When asked if drama would escalate between the upper classes just as it happened last year, Sanchez responded with, “I don’t think powder puff drama will escalate that much unless the seniors, actually, start to be ruthless with us, because we are really across that fence.”

Rosie Amez
Fun times at powder puff practice

Because it is their first year you would expect the junior class to feel nervous about the game but they are pretty confident in their team players and are ready to overthrow the seniors in the powder puff game. Sanchez, a junior, said, “I think we are ready for the game because we’ve been doing really good at practices and we have a lot of players in our class.” One of the obstacles that the juniors’ team members were facing was the offense players needing to improve because they weren’t as strong as the defensive players were.

Additionally, during the game, concessions are sold by LULAC to any students watching the game. Furthermore, students are able to make posters or paint their face to support either class of Rangel. Not to mention, the Rangel band performs during the game just to boost everyone’s spirit. Overall, Powder Puff allows students to enjoy themselves and have a good time as the game occurs.

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Class of 2018 vs 2019