The Return of the Smog (done)

Karen Chavez, Reporter

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Pollution has become the center of attention in politics all over the world. Whether it be pollution of the Earth’s oceans or air pollution in Asian countries, this issue has become an enormous problem that scientists all over the world are working hard to solve.

In India, it seems as if the problem will never get solved. Citizens in the country are used to the deathly smog return every year. Every winter, due to slash and burn agriculture in the country in order to clear their fields has caused a deadly smog to be a usual thing that the people are used to. Not only that, but debris from nearby construction sites and low wind speeds are huge contributors to the smog.

This year, the smog made its appearance nearing the beginning of November. New Dehli’s citizens got onto Twitter and started uploading pictures of the deadly smog.

Deadly Smog in India

Citizens’ Reaction to Deadly Smog

The Reaction of the Deadly Smog

The reactions of many citizens in the country is what sparked much controversy amongst activists in the country. Many of them kept demanding answers from the Indian government to take further control of the situation and for more action to be taken.

Many of them concerned for their health. The smog caused so much pollution that there has been a request made by the Indian Medical Association for the cancellation of the city’s half marathon planned to happen on November 17th.

The government of India has made plans to combat the problem, but many of the country’s citizens say that no action has been made in the last few years.

Whether there is further action to be seen by the government, we can only hope that this problem will be dealt with diligently and rapidly.


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The Return of the Smog (done)