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Andrea Mendoza, Submission Editor

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The school year of 2017-2018 has been one of change for Advisory at Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School. Advisory has been filled up with lessons that are meant to help the students and designated special days. Among those days we have Relax Rangel.

Relax Rangel happens the last Thursday of every six weeks and it is a day meant to help our students get relaxed after a stressful six weeks through different sessions. We have a variety of sessions in order to appeal to the different interests of all students. These sessions may include yoga, independent reading, film studies, scrapbooking, dancing, safe spaces, study halls, knitting, and much more. The variety makes it easier for our students to choose an activity that they would enjoy rather than one where they would be bored.

Relax Rangel session, Art & Music

Relax Rangel session, Scrapbooking

There are sessions for people who would like to be creative, like Art & Music, Scrapbooking, Digital Scrapbooking. Chloe Lakes, 7th grader, said that the she liked the Art & Music session because she “could relax, draw pictures, or paint and there was nice music in the background.” Another sessions is the one of Scrapbooking. This session allows students to engage their creative mind and put something together using scissors and glue for their family, friends, themselves, etc. Fun artistic activities can be done in Relax Rangel.

Relax Rangel session, Yoga

Relax Rangel session, Walking (after)

Relax Rangel session, Dancing

Other kinds of activities are offered in theses sessions. We have a few active relaxing sessions which include Yoga, Dancing, and Walking. In walking, students are offered an opportunity to let their body have stamina and keep the worry of school off their minds. Kenia Rico, 9th grader, said that she enjoyed walking and that it was relaxing. People enjoy being active and appreciate the option to relax at Rangel through activities like so.


Relax Rangel session, Coco Chronicles

Relax Rangel session, Film Study: Bajo La Misma Luna

There are even sessions for people who want to lay back and relax. These sessions include Film Study: Bajo La Misma Luna, Coco Chronicles, and others. Students seem to really enjoy these particular sessions because they often, get full pretty fast. Sophomore, Mia Heard, said that the Coco Chronicles, was a fun an said that she “liked that Ms. Rhode gave [them] options to make [their] cocoa.” She also said it was “really cool to see two different versions of the Tell Tale Heart (by Edgar Allen Poe).”

Relax Rangel session, Safe Spaces

On the other hand, we have some more serious sessions like the Safe Spaces session. This session is one where students can talk about their feelings with their peers and receive advice or simply vent. Valerie Gutierrez, 10th grader, said that in this session, “students are able to engage into discussion.”

Then there are about two independent study halls, where students can catch up on homework and so. Sophomore, Daphne Garcia says that, ” Relax Rangel should include more study halls because they get full fast and more people would prefer them.”

Overall, the latest Relax Rangel day was a success, and we can see the improvement from the first day. Since it is a new program/activity, it is taking our students a while to get used to it, but some are still skeptical. They say that there could be room for improvement and the day that Relax Rangel occurs created more stress because they think more about the projects they have to turn in and the tests they have study for and how they could be using the Relax Rangel time to be productive. Students recognize that the purpose for Relax Rangel is good, but is just not implemented well. Instead, some suggested that Relax Rangel should occur after all the tests have been taken and projects turned in so that they could relax well and not be worrying about things they should turn in later.

Once concerns from students are addressed, Relax Rangel will fulfill its purpose to relax Rangel.

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